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Geoffrey Morgan Pike wrote some of his books under the pen name ‘Pai Kit Fai’. This name was given to him by his Chinese in-laws. Loosely translated, it means “White Person of Letters and Grand Ambition’.

Geoff was born in Tottenham, Middlesex on 17 October 1929, to parents Mildred and Robert Pike, he had two siblings Anthony J. Pike and Peter Robert Pike.

At age 14 he entered training on the Navy ship Indefatigable, and went to sea in 1945 aged 15. In 1949,

Pike emigrated to Australia where he worked in the outback breaking horses, felling trees and sailing aboard deep-sea trawlers before he signed on as an artistic director on many popular cartoons such as Beetle Bailey and Krazy Kat with American Paramount Studios.

He created the Unbearable Bear in T.V. Tours, an animated cartoon series for Artransa Park Television, featured a globe trotting koala with itchy feet.[1]

He then created a series of books based on the TV show:

  • Unbearable Bear – Boy and Bear
  • Unbearable Bear in Ireland
  • Unbearable Bear in London
  • Unbearable Bear in Scotland

Pike worked with Bryce Courtenay at McCann Erickson advertising agency, most notably on the Mortein advertisement, “Louie the Fly“. Bryce wrote the jingle and Geoff created the cartoon and animation. He also created the animation for the McWilliams‘ monk advertisement and the popular Yowie characters featured in children’s picture books and Cadbury’s line of confectionery containing small plastic toys.

In 1977 Pike was diagnosed with throat cancer and learned the art of Chi Kung (also known as Quigong) and traditional Oriental medicine rather than surgery, beating cancer and becoming a master of Chi Kung and creating books and videos teaching others the philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health.

He passed in March 2018 after many years of ill health.