Pai Kit Fai is the pen name of Geoffrey Morgan Pike, also known as Geoff Pike. An English-born, naturalized Australian writer and cartoonist born on 17th October 1929 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England.

Working his way through art-school, he became an illustrator and newspaper cartoonist: This led to a highly successful career in International advertising, much of it establishing Western products and services in Asian markets.

Geoff worked with Bryce Courtenay at McCann Erickson advertising agency, most notably on the Mortein advertisement, “Louie the Fly“. Geoff created the cartoon and animation for the very famous series of advertisements.


In 1973 he began full time writing. Winning the A & R Writers’s Fellowship with a debut novel-trilogy, based on his early adventures.


henry golightly
Golightly Outback
golightly adrift
Ch'i The Power within
unbearable bear boy and bear
unbearable bear in Ireland
Unbearable Bear in London
unbearable bear in scotland
The Second Sunrise
Tiger Dawn
Red Lotus
Concubine's Daughter