henry golightly
Golightly Outback
golightly adrift
Ch'i The Power within
unbearable bear boy and bear
unbearable bear in Ireland
Unbearable Bear in London
unbearable bear in scotland
The Second Sunrise
Tiger Dawn
Red Lotus
Concubine's Daughter


Red Lotus (2010 – pseudonym – Pai Kit Fai)
The Concubine’s Daughter (2009 – pseudonym – Pai Kit Fai)
Tiger dawn (1997)
The Second Sunrise (1995)
Golightly Outback (1978)
Golightly Adrift (1976)
Henry Golightly: a novel of the sea (1974)


Non Fiction:

Ch’i: The Power Within. (1985)
Ch’i:The Power is You (1985)
Youth and Beauty Secrets of the Orient (1982)
The Power of Ch’i (1980)


Animated scripts:

Princess Serena and the Magic Crystal
Unbearable Bear in T.V. Tours, 13 episodes


Children’s books, 1964:
Around the world with Unbearable Bear series
(adapted by Laurie Sharpe):

Unbearable Bear in Boy Meets Bear[2]
Unbearable Bear in London[3]
Unbearable Bear in Ireland[4]
Unbearable bear in Scotland


Children’s books, 1995–2001:

Rumble the redgum Yowie
Crag the mangrove Yowie
Boof the bottlebrush Yowie
Ditty the lillipilli Yowie
Squish the fiddlewood Yowie
Nap the honeygum Yowie