In 1977 Geoff Pike was diagnosed with throat cancer and learned the art of Chi Kung (also known as Quigong). He created a VHS tape video called ‘The Power of Chi’ with the following Chi Kung warm-ups and exercises


Warm-Up Legs and Arms


Warm-Up 2 – Waist and Back


Warm-Up 3 – Leg Strengthening


Warm-Up 4 – Shoulders, Chest and Ankles


Warm-Up 5 – Horse Stance and Bow Stance


Exercise 1 – Scoop the Stream

Exercise 2 – Press the Sky


Exercise 3 – The Shaolin Archer


Exercise 4 Search the Clouds


Exercise 5 – Lift the Rock


Exercise 6 – Press the Sky Touch the Earth


Exercise 7 – Eye of the Tiger


Exercise 8 Grip the Swallow’s egg