Geoffrey Morgan Pike wrote some of his books under the pen name ‘Pai Kit Fai’. This name was given to him by his Chinese in-laws. Loosely translated, it means “White Person of Letters and Grand Ambition’.

Geoff was born in Tottenham, Middlesex on 17 October 1929, to parents Mildred and Robert Pike, he had two siblings Anthony J. Pike and Peter Robert Pike.

At age 14 he entered training on the Navy ship Indefatigable, and went to sea in 1945 aged 15.

In 1949, Pike emigrated to Australia where he worked in the outback breaking horses, felling trees and sailing aboard deep-sea trawlers.

An adventurous youth made the works of Jack London, Ernest Hemmingway and Banjo Patterson essential reading; he began selling his cartoons and short stories to Country newspapers in 1950.

After several years at sea in the Caribbean, he joined the British army at the outbreak of war with Korea to become a Regimental Drill Sergeant, returning to Australia as an immigrant in 1954.

Working his way through art-school, he became an illustrator and newspaper cartoonist: This led to two highly successful careers

  • the first in animated films as a pioneer of Australian animation

  • first to introduce animated educational films to Asia;

  • and first to produce and direct US co-production with Paramount Pictures where he became artistic director on many popular cartoons such as Beetle Bailey and Krazy Kat with American Paramount Studios.


He created the Unbearable Bear in T.V. Tours, an animated cartoon series for Artransa Park Television, featured a globe trotting koala with itchy feet.


He then created a series of books based on the TV show:


• Unbearable Bear – Boy and Bear

• Unbearable Bear in Ireland

• Unbearable Bear in London

• Unbearable Bear in Scotland


Working his way through art-school, he became an illustrator and newspaper cartoonist: This led to a highly successful career in International advertising, much of it establishing Western products and services in Asian markets.

Over a period of 30 years, he held the position of Regional Creative Director for the world’s leading Ad.-agencies, receiving every international Industry Award, plus the prestigious ‘ H. K. McCann Award ‘ for creative excellence and outstanding leadership.


Geoff worked with Bryce Courtenay at McCann Erickson advertising agency, most notably on the Mortein advertisement, “Louie the Fly“. Bryce wrote the jingle and Geoff created the cartoon and animation. He also created the animation for the McWilliams‘ monk advertisement.


Whilst living in Hong Kong, he met and married the granddaughter of Sir Robert Kotewall, one of the British Colony’s most famously prominent founders.


In 1977 Geoff was diagnosed with throat cancer and learned the art of Chi Kung (also known as Quigong) and traditional Oriental medicine rather than surgery, beating cancer and becoming a master of Chi Kung and creating books and videos teaching others the philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health.


Geoff passed on March 8th, 2018 of pneumonia and other health issues. He has a Heaven Address memorial page where you can light a candle or leave a tribute.


Started drawing animals – giving them names ( Aged 7 – 10 )

1940 – 44

Keeping rabbits during war, supposed to be for dinner. Geoff gave them names – couldn’t eat them, let them go –  raided other peoples hutches at night to let their rabbits out. He began writing stories – drawing animal characters in air raid shelters. Evacuated, he skipped school in favour of wildlife  nature study. He won prizes for posters and essays on rabbits,  hares, moles, voles, squirrels, hedgehogs, and foxes  ( age 10 – 13 )

1944 – 45

War teaches a kid that life may be short. Geoff was losing mates to night raids. Not in school in the morning. Geoff joined a training ship. He continued drawing animals and birds whilst frequently punished  and whipped for it. ( aged 14 -15 )

1945 – 1947

 Geoff went to sea as deck boy. He was on the first ship into Hiroshima. Checked out local wildlife all over the world. Travelled throughout Suez, Canary  Islands, Gibraltar, West Africa, Toulon, Saigon, Ceylon, India and Japan.

He began drawing animal characters and writing stories in spare time at sea. His body of work thrown overboard by bosun and crew but he kept on going  – they kept on throwing.



Went back to sea on Swedish coal-burning oil tankers. Geoff checked out wildlife when and where possible throughout the Caribbean. He visited Curacao, Venezuela, Trinidad, etc. He loved drawing  monkeys, gibbons, pythons, marmosets and armadillos

1948 - 49

Joined Anglo – an Iranian oil tanker and travelled the Red sea, Bahrain, Abadan, Somaliland. There he drew only camels, donkeys,  goats and vultures. There were no trees or wildlife for 18 months


Geoff jumped ship at Kurnell amd walked from Sydney to Bathurst.

He was thrilled by wild-life on the way. He worked many jobs including: bag sewing; wheat-lumping; station hand; shearers tar boy; railway fettler; and boundary rider. In all of these jobs fascinating wildlife everywhere:  Kangaroos and emus, dingoes, wallabies, koalas, goannas, black snakes, mopokes, galahs, cockatoos, black and white grass parrots, rosellas, eagles and blue heron.


Boundary rider on Nevertire Plains. Geoff used boundary rider’s hut as animal sanctuary for Joey Kangaroos cast out by mothers during Kangaroo Shoots and for bushfire victims


Woolloomooloo. Geoff was crew on deep seas trawlers. He was fascinated by sea creatures including shark,  whale, giant tasman crabs, moray eels. He sketched them all at sea and finished in water colours in Mrs Johnson’s Bondi Boarding house and hung in local Chinese restaurant


Timber-cutter at Oberon practiced new characters in tent. Took work to Sydney, contracted to supply for Sandusky Overseas ‘glow in the dark cartoons’ then commissioned to supply more.

He was warned by Australian copyright representative not to draw Walt Disney characters.

Travelled to England then took ship via South Africa via Liverpool, Falmouth and Cornwall.

Ran pleasure boat  from Falmouth to Truro  then back to sea on Swedish tankers, travelling the Caribbean and drawing cartoons to decorate fo’c’sle’ or the forward part of a ship below the deck.


Ran pleasure boat  from Falmouth to Truro. In Cornwall Geoff sold paintings to tourists. He was caught and put into the Army for 2 years as a Drill Sergeant and signals instructor


Geoff travelled as a ‘10 pound Pom’ back to Australia as legal Immigrant.

1954 – 55

Warehouseman and freelance cartoonist. His first paying job for cartoon brochure for the Commonwealth Bank.

Worked as an Easter Show showbag greetings card painter

1954 – 55

Warehouseman and freelance cartoonist. His first paying job for cartoon brochure for the Commonwealth Bank.

Worked as an Easter Show showbag greetings card painter


Greetings Card Painter for John Sands. Geoff was one of the first animated cartoonist one week before  first TV broadcast

Geoff created and wrote kids series ‘TV Tours with books for Channel 7’ – Unbearable Bear Around The World.


Unbearable Bear in London


Became Director of Animation. First to co-produce US cartoons for Paramount Pictures.

(Aged 29)


Worked for Paramount Pictures as animator and Creative Director for Krazy Kat and Beetle Bailey



Creative Director McCann Erickson.

Took Australian animation to Asia for Channel 7


Joined a syndicate and bought an 80 ton Chinese junk (boat) and sailed 6 months painting in the islands of West Pacific


Rejoined McCann Erickson as Executive Film Producer and Associate Creative Director


Regional Creative Director for McCann Erickson in South East Asia and Pacific Region. Living in Hong Kong, Singapore,  Manila and Bangkok


Geoff won Angus and Robertson  Fellowship plus Commonwealth Literary  Award


Writing full time first three novels of 20 in UK and Ireland.


Living in Manila, Geoff was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. He learned the art of Chi Kung (also known as Qigong) and traditional Oriental medicine rather than surgery.

Geoff beat cancer and became a master of Chi Kung. He created books (The Power of Chi, Chi the Power Within) and videos teaching others the philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health.


BUNYIP BUSINESS. Established own Company PCS – Pike Creative Services and began working on the concept of Yowie.


After 10 years presenting around the World, Geoff enlisted the help of his friend Bryce Courtenay and with his celebrity status sold Australian rights for Yowie Power project to Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd – with huge success in 1997


Geoff Pike and Bryce Courtenay sold British rights to Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd (CPSL)


The Yowies make their debut in the USA and are again available for sale in Australia and everywhere in the world.